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Renewable power is now a cheaper source of power for Australia’s future electricity needs than coal

– ABC NEWS, 3 SEP 2018

We want you to achieve a greener, cleaner and cheaper life


Support renewable energy

Understand how to save on your electricity bill

Maximise solar and batteries

Reduce bills with ongoing savings and discounts

We are consistently delivering renewable energy in NSW

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Feel Good. Your support helps us deliver more renewable energy


We support renewable projects across Australia, including solar farms, wind and biogas. New sites continue

Understand how to save energy and save on your bill


Our friendly, Australian based team will provide you with knowledgeable and personalised service.

Local support

Save more by maximising your solar and battery system


We are solar friendly with one of the highest feed in rates in NSW. If you have a battery, there are times when we will purchase your stored electricity for 100c/kWh, helping New South Wales customers save more!

Take comfort with our competitive offers, set and forget plans and discounts that don’t disappear

Ongoing Savings

What our customers say...


"Diamond Energy must be one of the most no-nonsense no tricks power retailers in Australia. There are no dodgy deals that bite you later after signing up or otherwise. Their customer service is excellent and I don't think I have every been answered by a robot or off-shore individual. Always spoke to a person who knew my account instantly. They are also probably the best company for people with solar! Probably the only company I have ever looked forward to an email (or bill) from. :)”


Dean C, Mount Colah NSW

January 2019, via Trustpilot

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