Electricity rates and offers




Look out for large discounts that hide inflated base rates, are short term and difficult to qualify for

"You could well find a 10% discount offer is better for you than a 30% discount offer"

- Rod Simms, ACC Chairman, Lateline 20.09.2017


Some discounts are only on a small portion of your bill


Comparison and switching sites have limitations, especially if you have solar


Watch out for electricity offers and discounts that penalise solar

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Our offers for home and business include competitive rates and ongoing discounts.

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Our competitive offers

Our sustainable discounts are ongoing and off low rates for home and business. They apply to usage and supply charges and don't penalise solar customers.

If you are an organisation with onsite renewable generation, interested in a retailer with sustainability credentials or looking for one of our customised corporate solutions, we are here for you.



If you have a battery, there are times when we will purchase your stored battery electricity for 100c/kWh. It is our way of helping you save further.


Diamond Pure Plus - GreenPower

Further support renewable energy with Diamond Pure Plus. Sourced from our own GreenPower accredited biogas generation plants in Shepparton and Tatura and our expanding generation portfolio.


Rewarding our customers with ongoing discounts and credits. You can target 100% discount on your electricity bill and enjoy ongoing savings.

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