Hardships payment difficulties

Hardships & payment difficulties


At Diamond Energy we understand on occasions times can be tough, and financial difficulties can arise. To help you cope with these hardships we have set up a hardship program, aimed at helping you if you encounter short or longer term financial difficulties.

Our hardship program is available to you if you are a residential customer who is experiencing temporary or long-term financial difficulties that make paying your electricity bills difficult. We understand that sometimes you may need additional support, that’s why our hardship program goes further than our usual payment plans. It is designed to provide you personalised assistance and support you to get back on track with your energy bills.

Our hardship program team is specially trained to work with you to tailor assistance to your individual needs and establish a personalised hardship payment plan. Actively participating in our hardship program, ensures your home is not disconnected and there is no collection action on your account.

Depending on your needs and circumstances we do have other support that you may qualify for. They include once off government assistance, financial counseling services and energy efficiency advice which help you understand and manage your usage more efficiently.

You can view a copy of our Residential Customer Hardship Policy and Charter based in NSW, Qld or SA. If you’re a Victorian customer, support is available as part of our Hardship Policy & Charter Victoria.

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