MyAccount - our customer portal

With MyAccount you can access your previous bills, make a payment, see your recent electricity usage (if you have appropriate metering) and let us know about various details on your account that you would like to change.

Here is a MyAccount Quick Reference Guide. 

After clicking the MyAccount Portal button above, you can access with the “Sign In” button.



Your email and password that have been set up for the previous version of MyAccount should provide access.

In some cases you may need to reset your password by selecting “Forgot your password?”

After clicking the MyAccount Portal button above, you can follow these steps to register via the ‘Sign Up’ button.

A few days after we notify you that your transfer to Diamond Energy is complete, you will be able to register for MyAccount.

Please note that graphs on the Home page will not be populated with data for Billing History – Total Charges or Billing History – Usage until you receive your first bill from us.

You can raise a support query here


Our team will contact you to set up a time to troubleshoot the problem.