What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ?

A VPP is a way of using solar and battery systems from homes and business to share their extra renewable energy. VPP’s assist in the transition to a fully renewable, sustainable and cost-effective energy grid.

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What are Diamond Energy Virtual Power Plant solutions?

As we continue to champion the expansion of clean, low cost renewable energy across Australia, we have developed a range of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solutions tailored to suit different customers

Already have a solar and battery solution?

If you already have a solar and battery solution, consider becoming part of our WATTBANK® VPP. You can earn credits of up to $450 per year with the opportunity for additional credits when your stored electricity is used to help the grid. For more information including a current list of compatible systems, select WATTBANK® VPP

Solar and battery solution options

Our esteemed partners offer a range of different solutions designed to make solar and battery accessible and affordable to you. Options include buying outright with full upfront payment, no upfront cost with payment by instalments and pay as you go solutions. Each of these allow you to share your renewable energy with one of our VPP solutions.

Solar and battery solution considerations?

If you are thinking about going solar and possibly adding a battery, here’s some factors to consider:

1. Electricity Price Trends: Are you concerned about the direction of future electricity prices, whether they’re rising, stable, or declining?

2. Changes in Electricity Consumption: Do you anticipate changes in your household’s electricity consumption, such as an increase or decrease in the number of occupants or their time spent at home?

3. Long-Term Residence: Do you plan to reside in your property for an extended period, such as five or more years?

4. Ownership and Maintenance: Do you prefer to pay upfront and fully own the solar and battery system, including responsibility for ongoing maintenance?


Alternatively, do you seek a no upfront payment pay as you go option with maintenance included?


Explore the following options to determine the best fit for your needs.

You can find out more details about each of our growing list of solar and battery solution partners.


With NRN, they handle the installation and maintenance of the system for several years before transferring ownership to you. Additionally, you can pay as you go and participate in the NRN VPP to secure a long-term, low rate for the electricity you consume from the solar and battery system, along with an extra 10% discount on your grid electricity.



Plenti allows you to partially or fully finance your home solar and battery system with monthly payments. You can also receive a rebate and join WATTBANK VPP to enjoy additional rewards.