GreenPower Scheme

As a Diamond Energy customer you can feel good knowing that supporting the growth of renewables doesn’t have to cost you more.

We have been supporting renewable energy across Australia for over 20 years and we are continually adding new renewable generation sites to our portfolio.

If you want to do a bit more, you can also pay extra and opt in to the GreenPower Scheme.

The Australian Government operates the GreenPower Scheme, which enables electricity consumers to pay their electricity retailer extra to purchase ‘GreenPower’.


This does not mean green power flows directly to your property, but it does commit the electricity retailer to source the equivalent amount of electricity and the associated GreenPower Certificates from a GreenPower Accredited generator. The GreenPower Scheme was established to increase the demand for electricity sourced from renewable generators.

Many Australian electricity retailers participate in the GreenPower Scheme.  We also provide the option for our customers to opt into this scheme.


You can learn more about Australian Government GreenPower Scheme here.

If you opt in to the GreenPower Scheme with us, the charges will appear on your bill as additional charges and are based on your usage measured in kWh.


You can select 100% GreenPower option or a 50% GreenPower option at the following  competitive rates (including GST)*:

  • 100% GreenPower – 5.50 cents/kWh
  • 50% GreenPower – 2.75 cents/kWh

*If we change our GreenPower charges we will notify you as per our Terms and Conditions.

If you opt in or change your GreenPower option by notifying us, the charges will commence at the start of your next billing period.

GreenPower Accredited