Consumer Data Right (CDR)

Consumer Data Right (CDR) lets you share your Diamond Energy data with an authorised third party (called an Accredited Data Recipient or ADR). It’s designed to help you get more personalised offers or services. It’s a legal framework rolled out by the government, first in the banking sector and now in energy.

Why would I want to share my data?

It’s important to understand that we’ll only share your data after you’ve asked us to.


One example could be comparing energy plans on a comparison website. If the comparison site is an ADR, they might ask you if you want to share your current usage data so they can recommend an offer to best match your needs.

How to share

If the service you’re using is an ADR, they’ll prompt you to consent to share your data. If you select yes, we’ll ask you to verify your identity using a One Time Pin – which we’ll email to the billing email address we have on your account.


Once we’ve successfully verified your identity and before you agree, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re sharing and for how long. Then, the ADR will access your data to show you options based on your needs. You can revoke this access and stop sharing any time you like. 

Data we can share

·        Your details: like name, address and contact information. 

·        Account and plan details: like energy type, current plan, concession information

·        Billing data: like your billing period and tariff information

·        Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) data: like your usage and your National Meter Identifier (NMI)

Commercial accounts

Your company is required to designate at least one person as a Nominated Representative before any Consumer Data Right (CDR) data can be shared.


Data sharing is prohibited until an authorised contact or another appointed individual is designated as a Nominated Representative.


Please fill out our online form to Appoint a Nominated Representative for Consumer Data Right (CDR).

How do I know my data is safe?

CDR is designed to be a secure way to share your data. We can only share it with data recipients who the ACCC has accredited. You can find a complete list of ADRs on the government CDR website.


Remember, these organisations will never be able to access your data without your consent. You can stop sharing and withdraw your consent at any time.


For more information, read our CDR policy.