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Australia’s first electricity
referral program providing
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Why Thr1ve?


  Target 100% discount on your electricity bill

  Reduce your electricity bill today and forever

  Extra credits to save more

  Help others save

  Further support renewables

With Thr1ve you will receive...



Receive ongoing discounts for each referred customer that switches to us.


Receive extra credits when your referred customer also starts referring new customers to us.


Extra bonuses available to you at defined referral levels.


Free smart energy devices (such as installed EdgeIQ voltage controller with RRP of $1800).

Estimate how much you can save annually, with Thr1ve !


*Estimated annual savings with Thr1ve is based on the information you input and includes Thrive Discounts, Thrive Credits, Pay on Time and Direct Debit discounts and assumes four equal quarterly bills and is for guidance purposes only.
Diamond Energy discounts apply to Daily Supply and Usage Charges. Refer to Thr1ve Terms and Conditions for additional information and eligibility criteria.


Let's get started with Thr1ve! It's easy!

Just refer one customer! This can be a friend, family or even another property under your name. Referred customer will receive $35 sign up credit. You can refer in the following ways....

Share the link with friends to sign-up

Enter your friends details here We will do the rest! Refer as many as you like

Add another home or business account

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