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What will you receive with Thr1ve®?
Receive ongoing discounts for each referred customer that switches to us.
Receive extra credits when your referred customer also starts referring new customers to us.

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We know that many electricity retailers spend lots on advertising and try to induce customers with confusing discounts that disappear. Their customers are rewarded for disloyalty1 and their loyal customers may be penalised by paying a laziness tax2.


With Thrive we want to reward loyal customers and thank you for your support by providing ongoing rewards that also help you reduce your electricity spend.


1“We reward disloyalty because … I only talk to you about a good deal if you threaten to leave me, and if I want your business I have to steal you away from somebody else,” Mr Vesey told a Committee for Economic Development of Australia lunch. AGL, CEO, 23rd August 2016.


2An effective retail market is founded on engaged consumers that have the ability to consider available options and shop around, thereby driving competition between retailers. Concerns have been raised in submissions to the ACCC’s Inquiry and other reviews that retailers’ strategies take advantage of inactive consumers and those who find it too hard to engage in the market, imposing what is effectively a ‘loyalty tax’ on consumers that do not switch offers or retailers. Retail Electricity Pricing Enquiry, Preliminary Report, 22nd September 2017, ACCC.

Thrive Rewards are available to residential customers using less than 30kWh per day. We have some additional eligibility criteria in our terms and conditions that you can read in more detail.


Starting is simple! Just refer one new customer (friend or a family member, or a business or even another property that you have an electricity account with) and you are in.


If you have referred us customers in the past, many thanks! Just refer one more and you are can start receiving Thrive Rewards. (Hopefully you have found referring easy and you have enjoyed our Referral Credits).

No. We will handle it for you and notify you when the new customer has successfully transferred.

We offer competitive rates and ongoing discounts for all new customers (and one of the highest feed in credits for solar customers). There are no lock in contracts or exit fees.


All new residential customers also start receiving Thrive Rewards once they start referring new customers.


A referred customer will also receive $35 sign on credit and we will waive any applicable establishment fee.

Generator Credits are applied to your electricity account. If your electricity account is in credit with more than $50 at the end of a billing period, we will transfer the credit balance to your nominated bank account.


If you prefer, we can just let your credits continue to accumulate in your account.


Please note, we cannot provide a credit transfer to a Credit Card, pay out in cash or by cheque.

At any point in time the maximum total discount on your account, including Direct Debit Discount, Pay on Time Discount plus Thrive Discounts is 100%. There are no limits to the additional savings you can achieve with Generator Credit.

If a customer you refer to us decides to leave us, your Thrive Discount attributable to that customer will be removed.


That’s ok, you just need to refer another customer to receive more Thrive Rewards.

Yes. Thrive Discounts are only available to customers that take up the Pay on Time option.

You just need to refer one new electricity account / customer to Diamond Energy, when they switch to us you will start receiving additional discounts. Refer more and receive higher discounts.


Here are some more details:

  • Receive Thrive Discount of 2% on your usage and daily supply charges for every electricity account / customer that you referred, switches to us (5 referred accounts / customers = Thrive Discount of 10%).
  • After the new customer has been with us for 2 years, your discount attributable to that customer is reduces from 2% to 1%.
  • Thrive Discounts continue as long as your referred customer stays with us.
  • You can continue to increase your discounts by referring more customers.

You can also receive Generator Credits:


  • When your referred customer starts referring they can also receive Thrive Rewards.
  • You will receive $25 credit to your account for each customer they refer that switches to us.

Once you are a Diamond Energy customer, there is no cost to join Thrive! There are also no additional fees, quotas or inventory costs.

Yes. You can refer residential and business customers anywhere in VIC, SA, NSW, and Qld (Energex only) to help you increase your Thrive Discounts.

Once the new customer transfer to us is complete, we will notify you by email and apply any additional Thrive Discounts or Generator Credits to your account.


When you pay your bill on time with direct debit, Thrive Discounts will then appear as a credit on your subsequent bill (please note we are updating our billing system to show Pay on Time and Thrive credits applying for the actual billing period).

Thrive Discounts apply to energy usage and supply charges, before any solar credits are taken into account. This is great news for solar customers and may lead to even more significant saving.

Yes, of course you can, provided you are the Authorised Representative or Secondary Contact of the new or nominated account and the account meets the eligibility requirements. At any point in time your Thrive Rewards can only apply to a single account.


We know that you may move house and we want to keep servicing your electricity needs and rewarding our loyal customers.

Thrive Discounts are available to customers that pay their full account balance on time.


If you miss a payment or have an outstanding amount that has not been fully paid, we are unable to provide you Thrive Discount for that period. When you get back on track we will resume applying Thrive Discounts.

Of course you can! We would love you to help us get the word out about Thrive and how others can also enjoy the benefits.


Please remember, as a Thrive participant you can refer others, but not represent yourself as an agent, representative or marketer of Diamond Energy.