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Green Electricity Guide 5 star rating by Greenpeace - Top Provider

In the most recent Green Electricity Guide, Diamond Energy and Powershop were both given 5 star ratings as Australia’s greenest energy providers.

5 star green peace electricity retailer & green electricity guide

We have been a highly rated electricity provider in every Green Electricity Guide and survey released by Greenpeace since 2009. If you want to continue to support a greener and cleaner future, you can join us. It only takes a few minutes.

Here are the reasons we have been a highly ranked electricity retailer in every Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace. We:

  • Source more electricity from renewable generators than our customers consume.

  • Go beyond carbon neutral… from our first customer we have offset most of their everyday carbon emissions^.

  • Have one of the highest feed in rates.

  • Help provide solar to a broader community including low income earners, retirement villages and renters.

  • Are 100% independent of fossil fuels, with our Australian management and employees owning more than 80% of the company shares.

  • Continue to invest profits back into Australian renewable energy projects.

  • Support the government-accredited GreenPower Scheme

  • Have no interest in coal generation, coal mining or alternative sources of gas (including coal seam gas) or electricity sourced from wood waste of native timber.

So Feel Good… by joining us, you can continue to support a greener and cleaner future.

About the Green Electricity Guide

The Green Electricity Guide is the only independent, unbiased ranking of the environmental performance of all retailers selling electricity to Australian households. You can find out more here.

The Total Environment Centre and Greenpeace Australia Pacific provide this information to assist consumers with their choices and to assist advocacy efforts to create a greener, more sustainable energy system.

^Independent Letter of Opinion Auditing Diamond Energy’s Renewable Energy and Emission Footprint (2007-20).

Powershop’s sale to Shell is an amber light to electricity customers, that is non cooperative and lowers renewable energy uptake momentum. This hurts the environment in victoria and the broader environment across Australia, we need to get up and deliver power to the ever more desperate energy locals.