Green Communities
Green Communities

Green Communities

We’ve been helping Australian communities get access to renewable energy since we started in 2004.


Public housing

We support public housing tenants in NSW, manage their budgets by giving them low electricity bills including solar electricity from their roofs at a fraction of grid electricity costs.


Retirement villages and community centers

We’ve delivered 2,250 solar systems on retirement village homes and 20 community centers across Australia at no cost to the occupants / users.



A property owner can install solar and pass on charges to the tenant to receive a return on their investment. The tenant can also enjoy the benefits of greener and cheaper electricity. 


Regional business

We enable many businesses, including wineries, churches, agricultural business and processing sites spread across metropolitan and regional areas to enjoy solar savings.


Peer to Peer with local councils

Since 2017, we have continued to support Sunshine Coast Council in offsetting all its electricity consumption with 15MW renewable energy from its own solar farm. Latrobe City Council have adopted a similar model.


Local, state and national sustainability groups

Our referral programs help members of sustainability groups understand that it’s easy to support renewable energy.


Powering Enova Energy and more communities

In the period of mid 2021 till mid 2022, our alliance with Enova Energy allowed them to power their growing community.


VPP/distributed generation

We have numerous distributed generation and storage sites in operation around Australia delivering renewable energy where and when it’s needed. These will continue to expand.


In the rapidly changing energy market, we continue to monitor and trial new solutions at residential, business and commercial levels to help our customers live greener, cleaner and cheaper.


This is one our sustainability principles, to view more please visit here.