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Renewables SA

Renewable power is now a cheaper source of power for Australia’s future electricity needs than coal

– ABC NEWS, 3 SEP 2018

We want you to achieve a greener, cleaner and cheaper life


  Support renewable energy

  Reduce bills with ongoing savings and discounts

  Maximise solar and batteries

  Understand how to save on your electricity bill

We are consistently delivering renewable energy in SA

Highest Award

Feel Good. You can switch to the greenest electricity retailer in SA*


*The Green Electricity Guide 2014, 2015 and 2018 produced by Total Environment Centre (TEC) for Greenpeace.

Ongoing savings that are simple and easy to understand

  An average household in SA would save more over the longer term by switching to us from the big three electricity retailers, as per EnergyMadeEasy**.

**Energy Made Easy scenarios 18/10/18

Ongoing Savings
Local investment_SA_01investment

You can help us support South Australian investment


We support many local renewable projects including Whyalla Solar Farm, Zadow Winery and local businesses and homes with solar.

Save more by maximising your solar and battery


We offer one of the highest feed in rates in SA. If you have a battery, there are times when we will purchase your stored electricity for 100c/kWh.


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