Maximise Your Solar

Maximise Your Solar

Looking for some tips on how to maximise your solar, save electricity and reduce your bill? Check out our solar smart energy tips and start saving today!

Get shifty! You could save by shifting your electricity usage around

Getting shifty is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and see a better return from your solar system.

Depending on the feed in tariff you are receiving, it may be beneficial to utilise the electricity you generate in your household first, rather than exporting it to the grid. This means you are using your own electricity and as a result, reducing what you use from your local grid and what you pay for! If you qualified for a high feed in tariff you may gain more by shifting some electricity usage from day time to overnight or on weekends.

If you want some help on how to save by shifting your electricity usage around, please get in touch.

Develop a feel for how your system is performing

Your inverter is a valuable source of information as it records data from your solar system including how much electricity it generates.

If you keep an eye on your inverter you will develop a feel for how your solar system is performing and this may help you identify any performance issues early.

The Clean Energy Council provides information on average daily solar generation in your area. Keep in mind factors such as panel orientation, angle, shading and dirt which can all impact your solar systems performance.

For information on how to read your inverter and interpret the data, refer to the instruction manual provided to you at time of installation.

Keep nearby vegetation from shading your panels

If nearby trees and shrubs are getting out of control and starting to shade your solar system, consider giving them a trim to ensure your panels are unobstructed.

Keep your solar system clean

Most modern solar panels do provide a level of self-cleaning when it rains. However excessive grime, dust, moss and bird-droppings can reduce performance over time.

Consider getting your panels cleaned by a trained and qualified person. Check with your solar installer to see if they offer a cleaning and maintenance service.

If your solar panels are to be cleaned, ensure the panel manufacturers and system installer’s instructions are followed at all times. If you are cleaning them yourself, hosing down hot solar panels with cold tap water on a hot and sunny day is a particularly bad idea. Ensure all safety precautions are taken!

It may be time for a maintenance and safety check

To ensure the maximum ongoing benefit and safe operation of your solar system, consider organising a regular maintenance visit  as recommended by your solar installer and poles and wires company. Ask them to check your system is operating to it’s full capacity, that panels and mounting hardware are securely fastened, all wiring is protected and not damaged by wildlife and all other requirements are met.