Diamond Energy GridCredits100

There are times when the energy stored in your battery can deliver value to us and the grid – a virtual power plant.
With GridCredits100 we can initiate the purchase of your stored battery electricity and you will earn 100 cents/kWh* – helping you reduce your bill a bit more, just like a feed in credit!
Planning on installing a battery in the future?
Take the first step to ready your meter and retailer today!
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It’s simple. During a Grid Credit Event, with the help of a Reposit Box we initiate your battery to discharge and you will be credited at 100c/kWh on your bill.

Want to find out more? You can read Canstar Blue review of GridCredits100. You can also read about the experience of customers in Qld, NSW and Vic that switched to Diamond Energy and are receiving GridCredits100 with their battery solar systems.
To receive GridCredits100 you will need a bi-directional interval meter that is net metered.

About to install a solar system and battery storage but not sure whether or not your meter is compatible with GridCredits100?

At your request we will check your meter compatibility. Please include your name, NMI number (if known) and property address.

Require a new one? No problem. We will organise it for you once you have switched to Diamond Energy (above) and agreed to the costs.
You can contact us to find out about options and costs to ensure your meter is ready to help your receive GridCredits100.
Apart from any meter upgrade related costs, there are no additional once off or ongoing charges to start receiving GridCredits100. Customers will also receive our normal competitive rates, discounts and feed in rates with GridCredits100.

There are many factors that determine the frequency and length of any Grid Credit Event. Regions with higher Volatility Factors (VFR) historically tend to experience a greater magnitude of each. You can read more on the AEMO website.

In some years, high volatility events have been relatively frequent across both South Australia and Queensland coinciding with periods of high demand.

The number of high volatility events in New South Wales and Victoria have been increasing in more recent times.

How many Grid Credit Events will occur in the future? This is difficult to estimate. However, future closures of coal fired generators and higher gas prices are likely to have an impact.

Diamond Energy has been supplying electricity to residential and small business customers in VIC, NSW, SA and QLD (Energex region) for over five years – providing competitive rates and great service. We offer GridCredits100 to customers that meet eligibility requirements in these regions.
Don’t worry. You will be placed on our competitive offer that corresponds to your tariff and metering configuration.
Your electricity bill will show service to property and usage charges as per usual as well as any GridCredits100 events, feed in credits and any other fees and adjustments as appropriate.

Our rates are so competitive we don’t need to talk about big introductory discounts. Our discounts continue to reward customers for hassle free payment on time and don’t disappear after a short introductory period. For solar customers, we provide lots of advice on how to get the most out of your solar investment along with 7.0 c/kWh feed-in rate.

To find out about our Pure Power solar installers that are also battery solutions experts along with information on energy management software solutions – visit our preferred suppliers.
*Subject to Diamond Energy GridCredits100 Terms and eligibility requirements. You can also view our standard Terms and Charges.

^Note, potential Grid Credit Events are based on Diamond Energy’s estimated number of high price events in the National Electricity Market over the defined period.