Feed in credits

Feed in credits


Diamond Energy standard feed-in rate is 12 c/kWh*

If you have solar and are comparing electricity offers, you should consider the whole electricity offer, not just the feed in rate. See our tips below.

Our solar friendly electricity offers are simple and help you maximise your solar savings today and into the future.

Want to find out about our special promotional offer of WattBank10^ that provides a 20c/kWh feed in rate for 3 years?

Enquire here, including a contact phone number.

Click below to find tips to choose the right electricity retailer:
Some discounts affect feed in credits

Did you know that a discount calculated on your total bill (after your feed in credits) is discounting the value of your solar

Some electricity offers have higher rates for solar customers

Did you know that some electricity offers give with one hand but take with the other? Beware of higher rates associated with high feed in credit offers.

Ensure your retailer can help you maximise your solar saving

If you’ve invested in solar, your retailer should be available to help you maximise it.

A solar friendly retailer will help you understand how and when to best use electricity. They can offer tips on how to save energy and also recommend which electricity rate structure works best for you.

Highly rated by Greenpeace

since 2009 **

✔ No reduction of discounts for solar customers
✔ No solar administration fees, solar monthly metering fees or fees to receive credits

Our customers take advantage of our solar tips and service to save energy and lower their bills.

*Diamond Energy standard feed-in rate is available for eligible customers.
^Terms and conditions apply.

**Distributed Gen (Solar) category, electricity retailers in Vic, NSW, Qld & SA, ‘2015 Green Electricity Guide’ – Institute for Sustainable Futures, November 2015.

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