Powershop sells out to Shell - Greened Off?

After years of sharing the Greenpeace 5 star rating with Powershop, we are surprised to discover they have sold out to Shell – are you?

Diamond Energy will be left as the only Greenpeace 5 star electricity retailer.

If you are a Powershop customer looking to switch, then here’s some more great Diamond Energy insights!
  • We source more electricity from renewables than our customers consume
  • We go beyond carbon neutral from our first customer we have offset most of their everyday carbon emissions^.
  • We offer a 7.0c/kWh feed in credit for solar customers and discounts that don’t reduce your credits 
  • Our renewable energy generation portfolio is growing.
  • Our future means we are all invested in Diamond Energy’s success. Our company is 100% independent of any fossil fuel influence, with our Australian management and employees owning more than 80% of the company shares.
  • We actively invest any profits back into Australian renewable energy projects, which over the nearly 20 years of our history have ranged from biogas, solar, battery and wave projects.
  • We support the government-accredited GreenPower program so that customers can choose to purchase 100% or 50% GreenPower. 
  • We have no interest in coal generation, coal mining or alternative sources of gas (including coal seam gas) or electricity sourced from wood waste of native timber
  • Our friendly and Australian based team are committed to quality service
  • We’ve been highly rated in every Greenpeace survey of electricity retailers since 2009.
So Feel Good… by joining us, you are supporting a renewable energy future.