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Beyond carbon neutral

Beyond carbon neutral

“Historically, the net greenhouse gas emissions abatement from Diamond Energy’s renewable energy generators exceeds the GHG emissions arising from the electricity consumed by our customers.”*

“Diamond Energy owned and controlled generation assets deliver a lower emission intensity than the grid average. Since inception our assets have delivered a net abatement of 1.02 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per MWh of generated electricity. This is even greater if we include the avoided emissions that would otherwise have been released from organic waste.”*

Fossil fuel generation typically delivers an emissions intensity up to 1.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per MWh (tCO2/MWh) of generated electricity and the grid average is +0.88 tCO2/MWh*. In Australia, electricity retailers can claim to be Carbon Neutral through acquiring Carbon Offsets to ‘offset’ their carbon emissions relative to the grid average, even though they may actually have a much higher emission intensity.

At Diamond Energy, we have set the benchmark for our greenhouse emissions high. As a basis we use the international Green House Gas protocol (GHG), which is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard and is the same standard used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies that respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The GHG protocol assessment acknowledges that greenhouse emissions performance goes beyond what is achievable by acquiring carbon offsets around a customer’s usage and includes the ‘suppliers’ sources focusing on generation assets owned or controlled.

*AEMO Carbon Emissions Intensity Index data available from www.aemo.com.au. Letter of Opinion Auditing Diamond Energy’s Renewable Energy and Emission Footprint (2007-16)

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