Commercial Green
Your customers care – make your electricity spend count.
Commercial supply of electricity to your business.
A renewable energy generation and retail electricity company.

Generation to market

Maximise your market returns, over 15+ years of experience.
Diamond GEM™ integrating dispatch, control of your generation, battery and demand.

Corporate buyers

Drive your clean energy transition and achieve your SBTI GHG scope 2 emission targets.
Our Scope 2 Supplier Specific electricity factor was a weighted negative -0.82 tonnes of CO2e/MWh in 2023, see Our Audit.

Linkage to renewable generation projects with naming rights.
Diamond CLEAN® maximising profit through generation, storage and load balancing.

A proactive approach – “generation to market”

Uniquely delivering more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than our customers consume.

Generation portfolio

Our renewable portfolio is continuing to grow!
Find one of our renewable generators near you.

Feel Good… You’re with an experienced, specialised renewable energy generation and retail electricity company


We’re 100% Australian owned.
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