Diamond Clean

Diamond CLEAN

Reduce your energy costs with direct offset between customer and generator.


The Diamond CLEAN ® (Client Leveraged Energy Acquisition Network) model is where customer connection point(s) are  directly offset by a distinct generation connection point(s) through a singular market participant – Diamond Energy


The project features three key points for large scale customers:


– Instantly expandable billing platform – enabling easy NMI (large and small) roll in and roll out (including any localised generation, storage and DER)

– Direct alignment between “as produced electricity” and “as consumed” electricity

– Integrated “one position” which is segmented at a facility level

The Diamond CLEAN® model also allows for the roll-in and roll out of existing and newly created NMIs – so that you can continue to reach your goals as you expand!

The model is able to combine itself with Diamond GEM along with the use of batteries – so you can mitigate risk and financially hedge your electricity costs!


Diamond CLEAN ® also allows corporates to substantiate its Scope 2 GHG emissions and aid in its reporting.


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