Our History and "Why"

A little more about us, our story and who's invested

Diamond Energy was founded in early 2004 by two basketball and engineering teammates, Tony and Mark, who had the vision to ‘generate change’ through building renewable energy sources that will replace coal and gas. Both left careers in oil and gas to build a company whose goal is to deliver more power from renewable generators than the total amount used by its customers.


Our first biogas site commenced operation in 2007, with our first customer getting supply in the same year. Since then we continue to own more renewable power generators and support a wide range of renewable energy projects. Our focus is on sourcing energy from Australia’s pure natural resources and delivering them to our customers, big or small in communities right across Australia. The company has been ranked as one of Australia’s greenest electricity retailers by the Green Electricity Guide since the very first guide in 2009.


Who’s invested in Diamond Energy?


Our company continues to be 100% independent of any fossil fuel influence, and from November 2023 we have taken further steps to strengthen and expand our retail and generation capability and portfolio with integrated solar/batteries opportunities through Energy Bay.  As part of the arrangement, Diamond Energy successfully transferred investors to Energy Bay.


Energy Bay offers specialised distributed energy solutions to facilitate enterprise customers and property landlords though the energy transition. With services spanning development, execution and financing, Energy Bay has delivered some of Australia’s largest renewable energy developments, having invested in over 800MW of greenfield assets and projects to date.


The Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Energy, Mr Tony Sennitt, said; “The investment and support by Energy Bay will drive continued growth and strengthen Diamond Energy’s position in the clean energy transition. We generate change and through this relationship we will be able to bring the most efficient, cost effective, reliable, customer driven solar and battery solutions to the Australian residential and commercial market.


We look forward to expanding the business as an 100% Australian owned retailer and generator with support from Energy Bay and delivering customers innovative value that is not available elsewhere in the market.”

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Powershop’s sale to Shell is an amber light to electricity customers, that is non cooperative and lowers renewable energy uptake momentum. This hurts the environment in victoria and the broader environment across Australia, we need to get up and deliver power to the ever more desperate energy locals.