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Solar Express offer

Saving even more with your Express Solar PPA

Your Express Solar PPA includes charging you a set rate for all the power (in kWh) that your solar system generates. We are happy to support you with your PPA. However, if you also sign up your grid electricity* with us, we can provide you even more opportunities for savings, involving:

  Competitive grid electricity rates and ongoing discounts

  Only charged for solar electricity usage

  Continued low rate for solar electricity

  A single monthly bill

Why not get a free Bill Comparison?

Upgrading is easy – It only takes a few minutes!

Clicking the button above confirms you have read, understand and accept the Solar Express Terms and our offer to incorporate the change for electricity from the System with your electricity bill.

Why Diamond Energy?

We are the Solar Friendly Electricity Retailer that helps our customers get the most out of their solar system.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable solar service team who can offer you solar tips and service to save energy and lower your bills. We have been the highest ranked operating electricity retailer for solar support and offers in Vic, NSW, Qld and SA**.

We also specialise in renewable energy generation. That includes knowledge across solar energy from systems like yours and renewable energy from large solar, wind and biogas generators.

How much will I be charged for electricity from the solar system?

You will continue to receive electricity from the solar system at the same low rate. If you switch grid electricity also, you will receive our competitive rates and discounts applicable in your region.

Not sure? We also offer a Bill Comparison service, so you can see exactly what your charges from us would have been for your last electricity billing period. Simply upload your most recent bill to us here, or email it to us at customerservice@diamond-energy.com including your PPA number.

If you transfer your grid electricity supply to us, we will also absorb any transfer costs (including waiving our Establishment fee of $22.00 incl. GST).

What if I want to upgrade and am on a contract with my electricity retailer?

In most cases, there are no exit fees for transferring your grid electricity to us. However, if you are charged an exit fee, we will reimburse you up to $100 (credited to your Diamond Energy electricity account) upon providing a copy of the fee to us.

Will I continue to receive my concessions and rebates?

Absolutely! If you are eligible, you will receive government funded concessions and rebates where applicable.

Can I switch my gas also?

We do not currently offer natural gas. You can stay with your current natural gas retailer.

Did you know that in many cases, utilising electricity in your property may be lower cost than natural gas? Contact us to find out more.

What happens if my electricity meter needs to be upgraded?

We work with a third party meter installer and endeavor to upgrade most meters at no cost to the customer. Please let us know if there are any access issues to the meter/s at your property (eg. gates, unrestrained dogs, etc) when you sign up, and we will contact you with further information.

*Only available for eligible customers in VIC, NSW and SA – Not available in WA. This offer requires that a “smart” remotely read interval meter be installed at the property.

**Distributed Gen (Solar) category, ‘2015 Green Electricity Guide’ – Institute for Sustainable Futures, November 2015.

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