Solar and battery friendly

Our solar friendly electricity offers are simple and help customers maximise solar savings today and into the future.

Our solar friendly offers include:

  • one of the highest feed in rates at 7.0 c/kWh across Vic, SA, NSW and Qld
  • retailer funded FIT of 20c/kWh to support new customers with our WattBank products
  • same prices and discounts on charges for all customers
  • discounts that are ongoing and do not disappear after a defined “benefit period”
  • discounts off usage and supply charges (instead of whole bill). This avoids penalising solar customers by discounting feed in credits.
  • automatic payout of credits every quarter (if over $50) with no administration cost
We provide a range of tips to help clients with solar make choose the right retailer – see here.
Clients that already have solar can get even more out of their solar investment with our tailored tips for solar customers on how to further save energy and save on their bill – see here.
We have been the first electricity retailer to offer a unique electricity offer for solar battery customers called Diamond Energy GridCredits100. GridCredits100 is a consumer based demand response programme, which provides 100c/kWh rate for electricity we discharge from the customers’ batteries during a Grid Credits event. Customers across Vic, SA, NSW and Qld have been enjoying GridCredits100 since 2015 – see here.

This is one our sustainability principles, to view more please visit here.