Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Generate and share renewable energy - support a cleaner, greener and cheaper future.

What is a VPP?

A VPP is a network of solar and battery systems all working together in a coordinated way. A VPP can allow a group of households and businesses to utilise and share the renewable energy they produce, support the electricity grid and collectively reduce reliance on fossil fueled electricity. The adoption of VPP’s can help us transition to a cleaner, greener and cheaper electricity grid for all.

How does the Diamond Energy VPP work?

We work with a range of leading, innovative industry partners to combine the excess electricity from groups of connected households and businesses into our large power source (VPP Controller). We coordinate the storage and exporting of electricity into the grid  when it’s needed. This collective network operates like a renewable energy generator delivering renewable energy to the grid.

Our partners offer a range of different battery and solar solutions. By committing to a solar and battery solution with these partners, you can join the Diamond Energy VPP.


Interested in finding out more?  

Already have a solar and battery system and want to connect into the Diamond Energy VPP? We’re currently testing a range of solar and battery systems to connect. You can register your details here.

We understand that consumers may have different needs and requirements, so we have partnered up with solution providers to give you options. 


SENEC allows you to purchase your own solar and battery system. However, if you prefer a no upfront cost solution, you can pay off your solar and battery with humm and LG. Alternatively, you can allow NRN to own, install and maintain the full system, ongoing.


Visit the links above to find out more about each solution.    

We recommend that you discuss this further with your solar retailer / installation company.

Please note that there are some complex Australian Standards that limit total inverter capacity per phase to 5kW. To upgrade an existing solar system with a battery to join a VPP, you may need a new inverter and control solution.

If you have a solar system that was installed a number of years ago, you may consider a new replacement system that is capable of being part of a VPP.

We would love to have you join the Diamond Energy VPP. To do so, we will need to ensure your system is compatible for grid integration. We’re currently testing a range of solar and battery systems to connect. You can register your details here.