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Supporting renewables doesn't have to cost you more
  • 5 star Greenpeace electricity retailer

  • Competitive rates
  • Ongoing discounts*

    7% Pay on Time discount
    3% Direct Debit Discount
  • No lock in contracts or exit fees
  • Diamond Pure Plus - competitive green offers

Got solar?

Simple, solar friendly offers helping you maximise your solar
  • Highest ranked for solar support and offers*

    Distributed Gen (Solar) category, electricity retailers in Vic, NSW, Qld & SA, ‘2015 Green Electricity Guide’ – Institute for Sustainable Futures, November 2015.
  • Same competitive rates

  • Solar friendly feed-in-rate*

    12c/kWh Standard Feed in rate
    72c/kWh PFIT
  • No lock in contracts or exit fees

  • Ongoing solar friendly discounts*

    Discounts apply to usage and supply charges
    7% Pay on Time discount
    3% Direct Debit Discount

Time of Use (closed by Jemena) – only available if you are currently receiving it.
Controlled load – refers to separately metered electric hot water or heating (generally 11pm – 7am).
Daily Supply Charge120.95 cents/day
All Day 1 Rate - 1st 340 kWh/month28.57 cents/kWh
All Day 2 Rate - balance kWh/month31.86 cents/kWh
Controlled Load Rate19.33 cents/kWh

Peak 0700-2300 M-F. Off-Peak all other times.
Jemena has closed Time of Use to new customers.

Daily Supply Charge126.45 cents/day
Peak 1 Rate - 1st 340 kWh/month36.84 cents/kWh
Peak 2 Rate - balance kWh/month38.06 cents/kWh
Off-Peak Rate18.95 cents/kWh

Peak 1500-2100 M-F. Shoulder 0700-1500 & 2100-2200 M-F, 0700-2200 Sa-Su. Off-Peak all other times.

Daily Supply Charge120.95 cents/day
Peak Rate41.21 cents/kWh
Shoulder Rate27.49 cents/kWh
Off-Peak Rate18.95 cents/kWh

Ongoing discounts with base rates
We do not provide short inducement discounts with short term benefit periods. Our discounts are available for as long as you stay with us and are available with our lower base rates.
Discounts off energy and usage charges.
This is great for solar customers.
Solar customers still receive discounts if bill in credit.
Credits for our Pay on Time discount
Currently appears on the next bill.So if you pay your current bill on time, your next bill will include the credit. Our billing system is being upgraded soon to provide other options.

Additional rate structures not included in tables can be found in Energy Price Fact Sheets.

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