internal sustainability principles
internal sustainability principles

Sustainability statements and reporting

We are proud to support clean and efficient renewable energy for Australia’s energy future

In Australia, with our abundance of pure, natural resources, we continue to be disappointed at the slow deployment of renewable generation. We support policy and investment frameworks that support Australia meeting and exceeding our Paris climate change agreement and help accelerate the transition of the energy mix to cleaner, de-carbonised energy sources whilst keeping electricity prices down.

As a leading renewable focused electricity retailer we are passionate about supporting more grid connected renewable energy, encouraging energy efficient behaviour and helping facilitate and support homes and businesses install solar. We have no interests or plans to expand into coal seam gas, coal generation or coal mining or in supporting electricity sourced from wood waste from native timber. We believe that clean and efficient renewable energy combined with storage provide a better economic and sustainable mix for Australia’s energy’s future ahead of coal and coal seam gas.

Diamond Energy also participates in programs aimed at advancing the role of business in addressing climate change. Some examples include fully endorsing ‘Caring for Climate’ (an initiative led by the UN Global Compact and UN Environment) and taking Victoria’s climate change pledge through the ‘TAKE-2’ initiative that helps the state achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Sustainability and the Diamond Energy team

Our team are passionate about sustainability, we are ‘generating change’ both inside and outside the office!

We have developed our own sustainability measures which cover items and targets in policy, compliance, customers, in the office and our employees.

Our sustainability programs are integrated into our office work environment, reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. As an example, our programs incorporate email billing, recycling of paper, cardboard, steel, glass, cartons, aluminium, plastic bottles, batteries, electronics, soft plastics, polystyrene, printer toners and printer waste. We also purchase eco-friendly office supplies including cleaning products, recycled paper and refurbished equipment. In going the extra mile for sustainability, we also compost office vegetable organics offsite and, of course, purchase electricity from a retailer that supports renewable energy!

You can see a summary of key sustainability measures here.

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