Renters Reward

Diamond Energy is excited to work with Meridien Group to deliver Renters Reward to tenants and their property owners.


As a tenant, you can enjoy the savings from the sun.

A solar system has been installed on your property at no cost to you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of solar to help you save on your electricity bill.

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*Energex region only

When you sign up to Renters Reward, we become your electricity retailer.


You will receive a single bill from us including charges for electricity you use from the grid plus the electricity you use from the solar system at a Net Solar Consumption rate of 12 cents/kWh excluding GST (that’s 13.2 cents/kWh including GST).


Electricity you use from the solar system is significantly lower cost than the electricity you use from the grid . The more electricity you use from the solar system, the more you save.


We then pass the charges back to the solar system owner along with the solar feed in credits. You get savings from using low cost solar electricity and the solar system owner realises a return on their solar investment. It is a win-win situation.

Renters Reward is an add-on to our readily available market offer and is available through selected partners. You can read our Renters Reward Terms and Conditions

We are an electricity retailer committed to helping you save energy and save on your bills, not just trying to sell you more electricity!


Our customers’ support helps us continue to deliver more renewable energy to the grid.

We send you electricity invoices each month including:

  1. Charges for solar generated electricity usage
  2. Charges for additional electricity used from the grid
  3. Feed-in credits for exported electricity, along with this same amount deducted on each bill.


We then pass on the Charges for solar electricity you use (Item 1) plus Feed in credits for exported electricity (Item 3) to the solar system owner.

Just use more of your total electricity requirements when the sun is shining to enjoy the lower rate. Simple examples include operating your pool pump, washing machine, air conditioner and dishwasher during sunny periods.

You can also visit our Smart Energy Tips on how to save electricity and further tips to maximise your solar and batteries 

Of course, you always have choice of your electricity retailer.


Renters Reward is exclusive to Diamond Energy customers and delivers a win to you with savings and a win to the solar system owner.


If you choose to leave us (we can’t stop you!), we will notify the property manager and it is at the properties owners’ discretion whether the solar system remains turned on.

Renters Reward is an add-on to our competitive, readily available market offer.


Our rates are so competitive we don’t need to talk about big introductory discounts. Our discounts continue to reward customers for hassle free payment on time and don’t disappear after a short introductory period.


You can see additional information below on how our grid electricity offer compares to the reference price before and after the inclusion of our discounts.


Remember, with Renters Reward you are saving even more by using electricity at a further discount to grid electricity.

The following information is available for our grid electricity tariffs, excluding further savings with Renters Reward.

2% above the reference price

Further discounts to reference price apply:

7% if you always Pay on Time, plus

3% when you pay by Direct Debit

Lowest annual price is $1,389

This offer is based on a customer who consumes 4,600 kWh a year on a flat rate tariff in Energex network. The lowest annual price is when you always pay on time with direct debit. Your bill will differ based on your actual usage.

Basic Plan Information Terms and Conditions