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Jan 2020

Nick Pfitzner installed Australia's first Tesla Powerwall in 2016 and joined our GridCredits100 program. One Step Off The Grid has followed up with the Pfitzner family 4 years later, discussing the energy and cost savings that the Telsa Powerwall has helped deliver. See the full article here.

Jan 2019

Australian Financial Review, released an article about retailers standing by to reduce electricity grid pressure, with surplus batteries and other onsite resources back to the grid, should it be needed. Read the full article here.

Jan 2019

Diamond Energy is mentioned in the Australian Financial Review, in an article, ‘AEMO warns of ‘load shedding’ as grid pushed to breaking point’. The article highlights Diamond Energy’s participation in the GridCredits scheme. You can read more here.

Jan 2019

A subscription based article by Alister Thomson in the Gold Coast Bulletin, explaining the benefits of Diamond Energy’s Renters Reward scheme for landlords. Read the full article here.

Nov 2018

Diamond Energy is proudly supporting the SolarTuk Expedition as the solar friendly electricity retailer. You can read more here.

Oct 2018

Diamond Energy is listed in the top 10 Energy Companies in Australia. See article here.

Sep 2018

The Sunshine Coast Solar Farm has been recognised once again, taking out the Environmental and Sustainability Award at the Australian Regional Development Conference Awards 2018. You can read more here.

Aug 2018

An article by Duncan Hughes, reinforces our Powerful Tips to customers, mentioning Diamond Energy as one of the most environmentally friendly retailers in 2018. Learn more here.

Apr 2018

Diamond Energy is thrilled to have been crowned again with the highest possible rating of 5 stars in the 2018 Green Electricity Guide! You can read more in our press release here.

Mar 2018

Diamond Energy is excited to be helping the regional Victorian town of Newstead transition to 100% renewables. You can read more here.

Mar 2018

Renewable Newstead featured a summary of the 217 responses to support the 100% Renewable Newstead initiative. Read more here.

Mar 2018

Renew Economy highlights Diamond Energy as a leader of a “new breed” of people-focused power retailers. You can read more here.

Dec 2017

James Angus, the former dean of medicine at Melbourne University has become “a mini power station for Diamond Energy” with his 6kWh battery, solar system and Diamond Energy’s GridCredits100. You can read more here.

Aug 2017

Lock the Gate, wrote an article “Switch your power away from CSG and fracking”, mentioning energy retailers who provide low cost alternatives and are stronger supporters of renewable energy. You can read more here.


Jul 2017

Diamond Energy is proud to have connected the 15MW Sunshine Coast Solar Farm to the grid.

As of July 2017, this awe inspiring 57,000 panel generator will offset 100% of the Sunshine Coast Council’s electricity usage as well as save $22 million after costs over a 30 year period – another step in the right direction for affordable sustainable energy in Australia.

You can read more in the media release and in the news.


Feb 2017

Victorian Solar Customers rewarded extra – including 2.5c/kWh for the avoided social cost of carbon.

We are really excited – it’s a historic day when renewable energy, delivered to the grid is recognized for avoiding a cost to the community.

You can read our full press release.

Greg Barber

Feb 2017

“Fifty thousand more homes and businesses like me and we are on our way to a completely new form of energy market. Exciting times!”

– Greg Barber, Diamond Energy customer who has been earning money through GridCredits100.

You can read about Greg’s experience in the full article.

Sep 2016

Diamond Energy is mentioned in One Step Off the Grid, supporting The Block. Read the full article here.

Jul 2016

Nick Pfitzner installed solar, a battery and is receiving Diamond Energy GridCredits100 with our competitive rates. We initiate the purchase of his battery dispatched electricity at a whopping 100 cents/kWh* during any ‘GridCredits Event’.

We are the first electricity retailer to offer grid credits.

You can read about Nick’s experience with batteries here.

Green Electricity Guide 2015


Diamond Energy once again achieved a high score in the Green Electricity Guide, including the highest or equal highest score in a whopping five out of seven criteria:

  • Support for renewable energy
  • Zero generation asset emissions intensity
  • Position on coal, CSG and native forests
  • Special offers and feed in rates for solar customers
  • Energy efficiency

Renewable Power for the Block 2016 white border


Diamond Energy connected The Block’s 2016 Port Melbourne site and supplied 100% Greenpower through the build, from our own Greenpower accredited generators in Victoria. Read more about it here.

DE singapore power Awards 2015


Diamond Energy is proud of our our Singaporean affiliate which was honoured with the SmartGrid Project of the Year award at the Asian Power Awards 2015 for the implementation of Pilot Demand Response Programs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

May 2014

Diamond Energy is mentioned in an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, titled “Bright future as more Australian rooftops convert to solar photovoltaic power”. See full article here.

UN award

Jul 2013

Diamond Energy was mentioned in an article by Renewable Energy Focus, about Mildura CPV plant, located in northwestern Victoria, Australia. See the full article here.

UN award


Diamond Energy Media Release SunPower Corporation. See the media release here.

UN award


Diamond Energy received the United Nations Award for ‘Best Business Environmental Initiative’ in partnership with Goulburn Valley Water and the Greater Shepparton City Council.

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