Diamond Pure Plus - GreenPower

We encourage our customers to further support renewable energy growth and development in Australia by taking up our GreenPower accredited product, Diamond Pure Plus – Greenpower, an accredited product under the National GreenPower Accreditation Program.
At least 5.8%^ of our customers are doing even more to support renewables and have chosen Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower.
With Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower you can choose to purchase 100% or 50% of your metered electricity consumption as GreenPower accredited renewable energy. This commits us to sourcing the equivalent amount of renewable energy from a GreenPower accredited renewable energy generation facility, and adding it to the grid on your behalf.
What is GreenPower?
The GreenPower program is a national government accreditation program that aims to drive new investment in Australia’s renewable energy sector and assist accredited renewable energy generators to compete with fossil fuel generators.
The program also aims to increase the amount of renewable energy in Australia’s grids above and beyond the mandatory levels required by the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target.
The GreenPower program has stringent and rigorous program rules that must be met to enable our GreenPower accredited product to bear the GreenPower tick. This tick assures customer they are making the best possible electricity choice for the environment.
You can support renewable energy by directly purchasing either 100% or 50% of your electricity as GreenPower accredited renewable energy. For those of you who elect this option we will directly source the percentage you choose from GreenPower accredited renewable energy generators.
Why choose Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower accredited renewable energy?
For your home or business:
  • You are reducing your impact on the environment.
  • You are helping to drive investment in Australia’s renewable energy sector.
  • You are helping to increase the amount of renewable energy in Australia’s grids above and beyond mandatory government requirements.
  • You are helping to support Australian jobs at GreenPower accredited renewable generators.
  • It is a GreenPower accredited renewable energy product.
  • For your business, Diamond Energy can provide you with a certificate confirming your purchase of GreenPower accredited electricity.
  • For further benefits see the GreenPower Scheme website or click here.
How much extra does Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower cost me?
The additional charge (incl GST where applicable) for each accredited renewable energy percentage is as below:
Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower 100% – 5.50 cents/kWh
Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower 50% – 2.75 cents/kWh
Please note: (i) You can change your GreenPower accredited renewable energy percentage at any time, commencing from the start of the next billing period and your selection will apply to whole billing periods until you advise us otherwise; and (ii) The applicable charge for the Diamond Pure Plus – GreenPower offer you select will be added to each invoice as an additional charge and these charges may be varied by notifying you consistent with your Agreement with us. Notification may be in the form of a message on your bill and will specify the effective date of the variation.
Where does Diamond Energy get it’s GreenPower from?
The full capacity of our renewable generation portfolio is accredited under the Renewable Energy Target Scheme. In addition, 79.3% of our renewable generation portfolio capacity is GreenPower accredited. We have our own GreenPower accredited biogas generation plants in Shepparton and Tatura and we also source from our expanding renewable generation portfolio. More information on our Pure Power generators can be found here.
What is the Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target Scheme?
The Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target (RET) Scheme is the official accreditation scheme for renewable energy generators across Australia and is designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector and encourage the additional generation of electricity from sustainable and renewable sources. Only new renewable generation projects built since 1997 that meet stringent rules get fully accredited under the RET scheme.
GreenPower Generator Accreditation
The GreenPower Scheme is a joint initiative of the ACT, NSW, SA and VIC Governments and is a voluntary government accredited program that seeks to: “Independently audit the renewable energy sector to ensure that when you buy GreenPower, the energy you are buying is helping to develop new infrastructure in the renewable energy sector”. “This means that all the renewable energy purchased for GreenPower must come from generators built since 1997. This is important because some significant renewable energy generation such as the Snowy Mountains Hydro Power station was built prior to 1997 and already provides Australia with about 5  – 6 percent of its renewable energy”.
^% of Diamond Energy residential customers on GreenPower accredited products as at Q3 2017 figures.