QLD Conservation Council

Switch and support renewables

We are excited to work with Queensland Conservation Council to support renewable energy as an alternative to coal.

We believe that electricity from renewable generation will play a major role in helping combat climate change. Pure power from our natural renewable resources is both clean and low cost and enables the timely transition and well overdue retirement of polluting and aging coal-fired generation assets.

We support innovative renewable technologies throughout Australia including solar, wind, bio energy and wave. We also own and operate renewable generators – you can find out more about these projects here. We have no interest in coal generation, coal mining or alternative sources of gas (including coal seam gas).

Our passion for renewable energy has seen us highly ranked by Greenpeace since 2009 and the “only green ranked company retailing in QLD” according to 2014 and 2015 Green Electricity Guides.

Support renewables and switch now!

*Energex region only 

I am in Ergon area. Can Diamond Energy supply me?

If you are in the Ergon region, you can fill in your name, address and phone number in a return email to customerservice@diamond-energy.com to register your interest and we will contact you when we are operating in the region.

I have solar panels. Does Diamond Energy support solar customers?

We topped the Green Electricity Guide category nationally for electricity offers and feed in rates to solar customers.

If you recognised the benefits of solar years ago, then you may already be receiving the QLD Solar Bonus Scheme of 44c/kWh. Subject to eligibility check, you will continue to receive your feed in tariff when you switch and we will top it up with Diamond Energy standard rate to 56c/kWh – one of the highest available.

We also have programs that offer 20c/kWh feed in rates if you are looking to purchase a new solar system through one of our Pure Power solar installers.

Is there any disruption to my power supply during the switching process?

No, your power will not be cut off. Switching just involves the transfer of information from your current electricity retailer to us. 

What if I'm on a contract but want to switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy is easy. We handle it for you, including contacting your existing retailer. If you are on a contract with your existing electricity retailer you can find out from them whether there are any exit fees associated with changing, but ultimately they can’t stop you switching. 

How long does it take to transfer to Diamond Energy?

We will let you know the approximate date for the transfer in your welcome pack. In most cases you will transfer the next time your poles and wires company reads your meter. 

What happens after I sign up online?

You will receive an auto-reply email.

You will receive a welcome pack from us over the next couple of business days outlining the offer, your electricity rates and the approximate date in which you will transfer to us.

If you would prefer to talk to us you can call between 8.30am and 6.00pm AEST weekdays on 1300 838 009.