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Yongala Solar Farm
Yongala Solar Farm
A self-funded project which was developed, engineered and constructed by SSE Australia. The project begun in 2018 and was connected in 2019.
It is a fixed tilt 2.8MWp E-W system by supplied by Solar Mounting Systems and SSE Australia provided a great deal of input to the design and requirements to best utilise a small allotment.
Built with a small team of locals in a remote country location the project has brought work and business to a small town and providing local power to end users.
Check out the on site installation progress time-lapse video of Yongala Solar Farm here.
Project Summary
Located at:Yongala, South Australia
Ultimate Capacity:2.6 MW
Owned by:Southern Sustainable Electric Pty Ltd (SSE Australia)
Located at: Yongala, South Australia
Capacity: 2.6 MW
Commissioned: 2019
Owned by: Southern Sustainable Electric Pty Ltd (SSE Australia)