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Victorian 550 Sow Piggery
Victorian 550 Sow Piggery

The effluent pond at the Victorian 550 Sow Piggery was covered to capture the methane gas that would normally be emitted into the atmosphere. There are numerous benefits associated with doing this:

  • The odor from the piggery is reduced by 60-80% resulting in an improved environment for staff and neighbors.
  • The greenhouse gas that would normally be released into the atmosphere is destroyed, having a positive environmental impact.
  • The methane captured is used to fuel a generator that can replace all of the piggery’s power needs and also produces excess that is sold back to the grid.
  • The heat that is generated by the generator’s motor is harnessed and used to heat the sheds, replacing the need for alternate heating.

Diamond Energy purchases any excess electricity produced by the generator.

Project Summary
Located at:Victoria
Ultimate Capacity:48 kW
Owned by:Private Ownership
Located at: Victoria
Ultimate Capacity: 48 kW
Commissioned: 2018
Owned by: Private Ownership