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STC upfront

STC Upfront Offer

We are the solar friendly electricity retailer and continue to help residential and business customers maximise the benefits of solar.  We work with selected high quality, service oriented solar installers to provide a seamless customer transition to solar whilst also adding value to solar installer businesses.

If you are a solar installer, our STC Upfront Offer can reduce your risk, provide price certainty and improve your cash flows.

Benefits for solar installers include:
  Lock in $$ value for STC’s at the time of solar sale

  Rate offered is usually at premium to market

  STC Payment within days of installation

  Opportunity to earn further premium through conversion bonus

  No minimum parcel size

How does it work?

Diamond Energy will update participating installers of STC “offer price” for nominated period.

Solar sales during this period will be eligible for this STC price upon delivery of new "leads” to us.

We contact the “leads” and if they successfully switch electricity to us, we pay a further Conversion Bonus per STC to the solar installer.

Terms and conditions apply.

Why are we the Solar Friendly Electricity Retailer?
  Highest ranked for solar support and offers in Green Electricity Guide*

  Simple, solar friendly offers helping customers maximise their solar

  Large percentage of our customers have solar

You can find out more about us here.

Why should your new solar customers consider Diamond Energy?
  Smooth and quick connection with meter upgrade at similar time to solar installation

  Knowledgeable team to help customers maximise solar and save more

  Competitive rates, ongoing discounts and high feed in rates

  No lock in contract

Other services offered to support installers include:

  Our Streamline Solar Service, ensuring meter upgrades for new solar sites is expedited close to (or on) solar install day

  Our solar installer referral program - inquire here

Interested in our STC Upfront Offer? You can contact us by email for more information.

*Distributed Gen (solar) category, electricity retailers in Vic, NSW, Qld & SA, ‘2015 Green Electricity Guide’ – Institute for Sustainable Futures, November 2015.

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