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We have been supporting renewable energy across Australia for over 20 years and we’re just beginning.

We deliver more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than our customers consume.

By becoming a customer, you can support sustainable and affordable energy.

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Starfish Hill Wind Farm

Starfish wind farm was part of our innovative renewable generation portfolio during 2015 and 2016.

Starfish Hill Wind Farm is a wind power station spread over two hills on the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula near Cape Jervis, South Australia. It has 22 wind turbines, with a combined generating capacity of 33 MW of electricity.

The wind power station is on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 2.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent during its forecast 25 year operating life, by replacing coal or gas in energy production processes through harnessing the pure natural wind resource.

Here’s another example of how our customers support has enabled us to support exciting renewable energy projects in Australia.

Project Summary
Located at:Cape Jervis, South Australia
Ultimate Capacity:33 MW
Estimated CO2 Savings:84,200 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by:RATCH-Australia
Located at: Cape Jervis, South Australia
Ultimate Capacity: 33 MW
Commissioned: 2003 Estimated CO2 Savings: 84,200 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by: RATCH-Australia