Solar and battery information

Helping Australians access more renewable energy​

By working with a growing list of providers, we are continuing to help Australians get access to affordable solar and battery solutions. 

Solutions we are currently supporting through our partners include:

Pay as you go and Energy-as-a-service solutions

These solutions involve a third party owning and maintaining the solar and battery system. Through your electricity bill with us, you pay charges including a low fixed rate for the energy you consume from the system. At the end of the agreement you own the system outright. There is also flexibility to purchase the system.This allows you to benefit without the operational risk or upfront cost.

Full or Part Financed solutions.

These solutions allow you to have the whole or a portion of the upfront cost of your solar and battery system financed with regular instalment payments.

Pay up-front solutions.

These solutions allow you to have access to the full benefits of the solar and battery system.

We can help you on the journey by getting you connect smoothly and setting you up to maximise the benefits of your solar and battery.

Which solution is best for you?

Consider the following to help your decision-making:

Electricity Price Trends

Do you think electricity prices are going to rise, be stable, or decline?

Changes in Electricity Consumption Do you anticipate changes in your household’s electricity usage? Will it go up, stay the same or reduce over the next few years? Is an electric vehicle on the radar for you?

Long-Term Residence 

Do you plan to reside in your property for an extended period, i.e. five or more years?

Ownership and Maintenance 

Would you prefer to pay upfront and fully own and maintain the system or is a “pay as you go” solution with maintenance sorted out by someone else?

Our Solution Provider Options

Explore different solar and battery solutions to suit your needs, including solutions from NRN, LAVO, Senec and Plenti GreenConnect financed solutions. Each provider offers unique financing and ownership structures.

NRN handles the installation and maintenance of the system for several years before transferring ownership to you at the end of the agreement. You can pay as you go and participate in the NRN Virtual Power Plant through Diamond Energy to secure a long-term, low rate for the electricity you consume from the solar and battery system, along with an extra 10% discount on your grid electricity.

LAVO handles the installation and maintenance of the system for several years through your energy as a service agreement that is billed by Diamond Energy. At the end of the agreement you ownership is transferred to you.

SENEC allows you to fully purchase a solar and battery system and store excess energy for later use by joining the SENEC.Cloud available through Diamond Energy.

Plenti GreenConnect allows you to partially or fully finance your home solar and battery system with monthly payments. You can also receive a rebate and join our WATTBANK VPP to enjoy additional rewards.

What else should you consider?

The Clean Energy Council has a valuable reference guide to installing solar  covering every stage of your solar and battery journey. Here are some items to consider:

Bigger is not always better. Determine the appropriate size for your system based on how much electricity usage and when you use electricity, your budget, available space, and roof orientation.

Consider factors such as inverter, battery and panel warranty coverage, efficiency and degradation rates when choosing solar panels and inverters for your system. Generally, inverters need to be replaced well before solar panels.

We recommend using Clean Energy Council accredited solar & battery installers.

You will need a bi-directional meter to measure the electricity you feed into the grid and the electricity you use from the grid. This may require a new electricity meter and / or a special re-programming of you meter enable tracking solar export.  If your meter is not is not set up for solar export, you will need receive any feed in credits on your bill.


The costs of upgrading or reprogramming your meter vary depending on where you live and whether you are a residential or business property.

Solar panels generate electricity that powers your home during the day, reducing your reliance on grid electricity. With solar you’ll receive an electricity bill for the energy you consume from the grid and credits for energy fed back into the grid.


You can see our section on how to read your bill for some examples.

We will ensure you have a smooth transition, keep you informed every step of the way providing you with smart tips and guidance long after you’re installed.


As a leading renewable energy generation and retail electricity company, we are committed to supporting you at every step of your journey toward greater energy independence. Our award-winning customer service team is available to answer your questions on weekdays, 8:30am-6pm. Call 1300 838 009.