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We have been supporting renewable energy across Australia for over 20 years and we’re just beginning.

We deliver more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than our customers consume.

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Shepparton BioGas Facility
Shepparton BioGas Facility
Shepparton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Our Shepparton biogas generation facility was commissioned in 2009 and was our second generator and one of the foundation generators in our renewable portfolio. 

Organic rich wastwater from Shepparton’s local community and food processing industry (including the SPC Ardmona processing factory) flows into Goulburn Valley Water’s Shepparton Wastewater Treatment Plant, producing a methane-rich biogas from the anaerobic digestion process. The biogas is captured and cleaned as the fuel source for the generator, and the renewable electricity is fed into the national grid.
The Shepparton facility was a lead and significant part of the ‘Resource Recovery Precinct’ that won the 2010 United Nations World Environment Day ‘Best Business Environmental Initiative’ award.
The facility also has a number of approvals including grid capacity for expansion.
Project Summary
Located at:Shepparton, Victoria
Capacity:1.1 MW
Estimated CO2 Savings:5,500 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by:Diamond Energy

Located at: Shepparton, Victoria
Capacity: 1.1 MW
Commissioned: 2009
Estimated CO2 Savings: 5,500 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by: Diamond Energy