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Renters Reward – the landlord

Renters Reward - The Landlord Opportunity

New, clean and efficient renewable energy is now available to be enjoyed by everyone.

There’s a solar solution that can benefit landlords with a passive income. It also creates an opportunity for tenant’s to enjoy the benefits of solar with no upfront costs and an ability to save on their electricity bills. That’s a win for everyone.

At Diamond Energy, we handle the metering and billing to make this great opportunity work.

How does it work?

1) Tenant signs up to Renters Reward Offer*

2) Solar electricity is used by Tenant at lower rate than grid electricity

3) Tenant buys additional electricity from the grid

4) Solar electricity that Tenant doesn’t use is sent to the grid

Landlord benefits can include:
  Increased yield with a new and ongoing revenue stream

  Potential tax advantages of a depreciable asset

  Improved property attractiveness through greater green credentials and lower ongoing cost to tenant

  Flexible and fully transferable

Find out more?

Send us an inquiry and we will get you in touch with one of our participating suppliers to find out how you can set up Renters Reward.

Your tenant can find out more about Renters Reward here.

*Renters Reward is available through selected partners and is not a readily available market offer.

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