pool heater and filter
pool heater and filter

Optimal timing and run hours can save

Optimising the amount of time and the time of day you run your pool filter and heater can help you save. Different seasons of the year may require you to make changes.

According to energyrating,gov.au, pools can account for 18% of electricity consumed by a household.

In cooler months when you are not using the pool you may choose to run the pool chlorinator and filter less hours and keep the pool heater offline. In warmer months with warm water, your pool chlorinator and filter may have to work longer hours.

Optimising the hours you run your pool filter and heater based on the season can make a big difference to the amount of electricity usage.

Your local pool supplies shop can often provide useful advice and recommendations of chlorinator and filter run hours in your area.

Also taking advantage of the electricity from your solar system by running your pool chlorinator and filter when the sun is shining can help you save.

For further tips to save energy and save on your bills visit efficient usage.

*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.