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Oakey 1 Solar Farm
The Oakey 1 Solar Project is a 25 MW solar generation development located near Oakey, West of Toowoomba in Queensland. The generating plant connects to the Ergon Energy network near Toowoomba. The technology is solar photovoltaic panels mounted on solar tracking structures which will maximize production of energy throughout the day. The solar farm has a total of 88,200 panels (335Wp and 340Wp).
The above PV modules make up a total nameplate capacity of 30 MWdc and the project has a connection agreement with Ergon Energy to export up to 25 MWac. The project is capable of generating approximately 55 GWh of electricity in a calendar year.
Project Summary
Located at:Oakey, Queensland
Ultimate Capacity:30 MWdc - 25 MWac
Estimated CO2 Savings:40,500 tonnes
Owned and Operated by:Canadian Solar and Foresight Group

Located at: Oakey, Queensland
Ultimate Capacity: 30 MW (DC) – 25 MW (AC)
Commissioned: 2019
Estimated CO2 Savings: 40,500 tonnes
Owned and Operated by: Canadian Solar and Foresight Group