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Hills College (Hills Educational Foundation) Solar Farm
Hills College/Hills Educational Foundation (Hills) is in Jimboomba Queensland.
Hills College believe it is important for the public and future generations to understand the importance of sustainability and the environment.
Hills’ aim is for the college to become carbon neutral by using 100% clean energy. They have constructed a 250kW solar farm on the campus. This has a dual axis framing to follow the path of the sun facilitating maximum efficiency. The farm is currently producing somewhere between 30,000 kWh and 40,000 kWh per month of electricity. This equates to a reduction of carbon dioxide by approximately 24.8 metric tons per month*.
Aiming to reduce energy consumption, Hills installed energy efficient air conditioners, replaced hot water systems with solar hot water systems, and the majority of lights have been replaced with LED.
Diamond Energy purchases any excess electricity produced by the Hills College Solar Farm.
Project Summary
Located at:Jimboomba, Queensland
Ultimate Capacity:250 kW (with dual axis framings)
Owned by:Hills College/Hills Educational Foundation
Located at: Jimboomba, Queensland
Ultimate Capacity: 250 kW (with dual axis framings)
Commissioned: 2017
Owned by: Hills College/Hills Educational Foundation