Estimated Meter Reads

When actual reads are unavailable due to no meter access or other issues, we are provided with estimation of your usage for billing purposes. The method for calculating the estimations is regulated and usually based on your property’s usage during the equivalent billing period of the previous year.


If you have received a bill containing estimated reads we will clearly identify on the bill. If you are receiving this due to meter access issue that are temporary and will be resolved soon, you have the following options:

If the next bill is based on actual reads, then total usage across the two billing periods will be accurate, with an estimated read in-between the start and end actual reads. If you are confident that the meter access issue has been resolved and an actual read will be obtained without any obstruction to the meter at the next scheduled read, you can pay the estimated invoice and no further action is required.

If you would like to organise for the metering provider to specially attend the property on a date when you can ensure meter access, please contact us on 1300 838 009 during business hours to arrange a special read, which can be used to cancel and re-issue your estimated invoice if you have a basic meter. If you have an interval meter, an adjustment will be added to the following invoice for any difference in usage. Any fee charged by your metering provider for a special read will be passed through to you on your next Diamond Energy invoice.

You can also submit self-reads of you basic (accumulation) meter/s to us. For us to accept your self-reads, we require a verifying photo of the meter to confirm the reads. For access issues that persist for longer than two consecutive billing periods, we encourage a meter upgrade to enable consistent actual reads in future. Please note that self-reads are intended as only a temporary resolution where access issues are present.


When you have your verifying photo/s of your electricity meter/s on hand and have checked how to read your meter, please submit via our online form.

If access issues to your meter are likely to continue, we recommend that you upgrade to a remotely-read smart meter, which will remove the need for regular manual readings. Smart meters also allow for increased usage tracking capability via our online MyAccount portal. You can find more details and request a meter upgrade by filling out our online form here.