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We have been supporting renewable energy across Australia for over 20 years and we’re just beginning.

We deliver more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than our customers consume.

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Elgo Longwood Wind Farm
The 2015 Allira Pinot Noir from Elgo Estate is dark cherry red in appearance with aromas of Morello cherry and strawberry and the distinctive lingering warmth of sustainability.

We’d like to welcome the Elgo Longwood Wind Farm to Diamond Energy’s renewable generation portfolio, an initiative of the Elgo Estate winery with the support of Diamond Energy and their passion for innovative renewable energy projects. The 150 kW wind turbine is located within the vineyard in the central Victorian high country on the Strathbogie Ranges. It provides renewable energy to power the winery’s operations and excess capacity is fed back into the grid to supply up to 50 homes – saving 500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

So three varieties of excellent products now emanate from the estate – red wine, white wine and green energy.

“Yeah it was really tough at the time to get this project up, but we believed in this being the future, and are grateful for Diamond Energy’s support” – Grant, Elgo Estate

Project Summary
Located at:Strathbogie Rangers, Victoria
Ultimate Capacity:150 kW
Estimated CO2 Savings:500 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by:Elgo Estate Winery
Located at: Strathbogie Rangers, Victoria
Ultimate Capacity: 150 kW
Commissioned: 2007
Estimated CO2 Savings: 500 tonnes per annum
Owned and Operated by: Elgo Estate Winery