Our generation

We have been supporting renewable energy across Australia for over 20 years and we’re just beginning.

We deliver more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than our customers consume.

By becoming a customer, you can support sustainable and affordable energy.

EarthPower, diamond energy
EarthPower Technologies
EarthPower is Australia’s first regional food biomass waste-to-energy facility with a capacity of 3.75 MW, it is located in Camellia, New South Wales. The facility processes fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy waste and converts it into renewable electricity.
The EarthPower facility uses anaerobic digestion technology to convert solid and liquid food waste, into a combustible gas similar to natural gas. The digester gas is recovered and used to fuel cogeneration engines, which produce fully accredited renewable electricity. This electricity was sold to Diamond Energy between March 2013 and March 2017 and into the national electricity grid.
Here is another example of how the support of our customers has enabled us to support renewable energy projects and the innovative technologies or Australia’s renewable energy future.