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Chinchilla Solar Farm (Baking Board)
The Impact Investment Group’s Chinchilla Solar Farm is located approximately 7 km northwest of Chinchilla in the Western Downs shire of southeast Queensland. Located on 73 ha of land it has approximately 61,000 panels mounted on a single axis tracking system. It commenced operations in July 2019 and is expected to produce 41,940 MWh in its first year of operation, enough to power the equivalent of approximately 7,200 Australian homes.
Chinchilla Solar Farm is one of the seed assets in the Impact Investment Group’s Solar Asset Fund, an unlisted portfolio of Australian solar infrastructure assets with exposure to the electricity spot market.
Project Summary
Located at:Chinchilla, Queensland
Ultimate Capacity:19.9 MW
Estimated CO2 Savings:35,910 tonnes annually
Owned and Operated by:Sentient Impact Group
Located at: Chinchilla, Queensland
Capacity: 19.9 MW
Commissioned: 2019
Estimated CO2 Savings: 35,910 tonnes annually
Owned and Operated by: Impact Investment Group