4 reasons to Switch4Good

4 reasons to Switch4Good

1. We are passionate about renewables

Whilst climate change and renewable energy debates are complex environment and political issues, at Diamond Energy we believe that new renewable generation projects are capable of making a difference and are part of the solution.

We believe that consumers can also be part of the solution through their choice of which electricity retailer they seek to get their electricity from.

At Diamond Energy, we are an electricity retailer supporting new renewable generation derived from Australia’s pure resources – your Pure Power People. We own our own renewable generators and support renewable technologies including solar, bioenergy, wind and wave. With the growing support of our customers, we can continue to support more of these great projects rather than tired and polluting fossil fuel generation. 

By choosing an electricity retailer that is passionate about renewables you can take a simple and positive step to make a difference and be part of the solution. Switch4Good to Diamond Energy to support new renewable generation projects.

Your pure electricity retailer ”

2. We offer great rates with no hidden charges

We provide competitive rates on all our residential and business offers without complex plans or hidden charges. We keep it simple and straightforward every day. So Switch4Good to the Pure Power People.

Understanding the issue is the first step in solving it”

 3. Real people and personalised service

We understand your time is important and you don’t want to spend it in phone queues being endlessly transferred or getting the wrong advice (and having to start over again). When you contact us, you will receive personalised service and the right advice from our local team. Switch4Good™ and experience the difference with our Pure Power team.

4. We provide you with smart tips and have an experienced team with extensive solar knowledge

If it’s about reducing your electricity bills, our Pure Power team can provide practical and effective smart tips to help you manage your electricity.

If you are considering solar we are here to help you understand your options, provide you with smart tips and to ensure you have a hassle free transition with many years of free solar electricity from your rooftop and enjoying the most from your solar investment.

Join lots of other people who have made this successful journey with us. Switch4Good to your solar friendly retailer.