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Understand your electricity bill

Understand your electricity bill with solar

Your electricity bill contains information that can help you understand your electricity usage patterns and the benefits of your solar system.

Useful information on your electricity bill includes:

  • How much solar electricity is being exported to the grid
  • Comparing the average kWh per day usage from the grid for a similar time of year
  • Comparing your electricity cost before and after solar

We recommend you get on the phone and talk to your electricity retailer when you receive your first few electricity bills with solar to help you understand the information available. We offer our customers a personalised bill consultation service over the phone and provide simple, pragmatic steps to help you understand your bill, how your solar system is working and how you can maximise your savings with solar.

For further tips to save energy and save on your bills visit smart energy tips.

*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.

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