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Solar and batteries

Sustainability and renewables

Renewable power is now a cheaper source of power for Australia’s future electricity needs than coal

– ABC News, 3 Sep 2018

Annual solar and wind price trends vs wholesale price trend from 2012 ~ 2017
Energy Change Institute, Sep 2017


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If you are installing solar, or already have it, that is fantastic! We offer one of the highest feed in rates with solar tips to help you save more. If you have batteries, we will support you with innovative offers to further save.



Understand how to save energy and save on your electricity bill. Our friendly Australian based team are knowledgeable and available to help with your inquiries.


Support renewables

Feel good knowing your support helps us deliver more renewable energy across Australia.

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You can make the Switch for Good to an award winning electricity generator and retailer continually delivering new renewable energy in Australia.

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