Cleaning clothes in cold water can save you $115 per year*

Heating and storing hot water for washing, cooking, cleaning dishes and cleaning clothes uses lots of energy.

A few small changes can help you save!

  • Dripping hot water taps can slowly increase your energy usage
  • Don’t fill sinks with more hot water than required for the task at hand
  • Ensure there are no leaks or cracks in your water line, wasting energy and water
  • Having showers for no more than 4 minutes can significantly cut down hot water usage
  • Having a shower can use one fifth of the hot water you may have used for a bath
  • Underfloor hydronic heating is comfortable, but can be a big energy user
  • Running hydronic heated towel rails, increases energy usage
  • Run the dishwasher when it is full, rather than with partial loads
  • Consider using economy cycle with lower temperature and shorter cycles
  • Insulating hot water pipes helps to minimise heat loss, especially in the cooler months
  • If replacing a hot water system, consider the energy efficiency of the unit or even solar hot water system – they can cover up to 90% of your usage
*Information and data sources for energy consumption and savings estimates available here.