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How to join SENEC.Cloud

Step 1

If you would like a SENEC solar retailer to visit to your premises to determine your eligibility for a SENEC battery system then please register your interest by clicking on the button below.
If you already have a new SENEC battery or are having one installed and want to join the SENEC.Cloud then please switch to Diamond Energy as your electricity retailer by clicking the Join us now button.

Step 2

If you have requested a visit to your premises from a SENEC solar retailer, they will be in touch to confirm a mutually agreeable date and time.

Step 3

Once your eligibility is approved and the switch of your electricity to us is confirmed, you will access the SENEC.Cloud.


Diamond Energy is an electricity retailer with a difference. We offer great customer service, innovative products and are passionate about renewable energy.

By being a customer of Diamond Energy, you are enabling us to support the new age of Virtual Cloud Storage, enabling your home battery to export renewable energy to the grid and access the SENEC.Cloud when you need energy from the grid. 

Virtually store your excess electricity exported to the grid in the SENEC.Cloud and draw down as you need it.
Save more by maximising your usage from your Solar-PV-Battery System, and any electricity you feed back into the grid can be added to the SENEC.Cloud to offset your consumption when the sun isn’t shining.

You can maximise value from this offer by shifting some of your electricity usage to when the solar system is operating.

When you're accepted onto the SENEC.Cloud, all the Feed-In Credits created are assigned to SENEC. The volume (KWh) of excess electricity exported is then virtually stored and used as your SENEC.Cloud allowance. Please note limits apply to the volume that can be virtually stored

Be connected to the grid, a residential customer who owns their own house, with more than 6KW’s of solar and a 9kWh hybrid V3 SENEC battery, in NSW, VIC, SA or QLD (Energex only), with a retailer only funded feed-in rate.

You must switch to Diamond Energy and select our single rate product. You can add on Diamond Energy’s Senec Cloud offer. See our rates and charges for your region here.

Have a bi-directional interval meter.

SENEC.Cloud offer – combining electricity retail with your solar and battery

By switching to Diamond Energy, eligible customers will be able to join Diamond Energy and receive electricity from the SENEC.Cloud. SENEC.Cloud enables you to virtually save your excess electricity exported to the grid in order to help you drive to achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency.


Once your SENEC.Home has been installed by a SENEC Certified Installer, your grid meter will be upgraded and your system meter/controller installed. Now you’re ready to get some extra value from SENEC.Cloud.

During times where you are producing more energy than you need, you will save that energy in your SENEC.Cloud virtual energy account. See Cloud Storage hatched column above.


If you need additional energy that cannot be provided by your SENEC.Home (orange SENEC.Home usage column), your energy saved in SENEC.Cloud will cover you at no cost (blue Cloud Usage column).

Of course you can only use SENEC.Cloud energy that you have previously saved into it.

To be eligible you must be a residential homeowner that lives at the property and does not have a registered life support equipment at the Supply Address.

  • You must have a new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid 10 (9kWh) installed within the last 30 days.
  • You must install a Solar-PV-Battery System with greater than or equal to 6kWp DC panels.
  • You must have a broadband internet service connected at the Supply Address with an internet modem, including a spare Ethernet portal and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • You can’t have a concession card.
  • You must pass a credit check.
  • You must accept direct debit payments and email invoicing
  • You acknowledge that our pay on time, direct debit and renewable energy reward discounts will not apply.
  • You must enter into a ”single rate” electricity retail agreement with Diamond Energy and be prepared to accept quarterly electricity invoices

Your SENEC.Home will be set up to operate in the optimize self-consumption mode. This means when the sun is shining and your solar system is generating, the electricity will first be consumed in your home and any excess will be used to charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged your solar system will export any excess solar generation to the electricity grid – but with Diamond Energy and SENEC.Cloud your exported electricity will be added to the SENEC.Cloud (up to 500kWh/quarter).


When the sun goes down, you’ll be able to consume electricity from your SENEC.Home battery. Once your battery is fully discharged you will still be able to consume electricity from the grid – with the first 5.5kWh/day will be drawn from the SENEC.Cloud.

Solar system output varies by the amount of sunlight available. Greater output of electricity from solar systems usually occurs on sunny days, in the middle of the day, and in the summer months.


The more you can use from your SENEC.Home solar system, the more you save. This is where SENEC.Cloud comes into play, helping you save even more. Perfect world you can even become 100% self-sufficient.

You will be able to see the proportion of electricity you consume from SENEC.Home and SENEC.Cloud on your quarterly electricity bill – look for the self-sufficiency percentage.

We will send you quarterly electricity invoices which will include:


  1. Your agreed standard all day usage rate for imported electricity, service charges and controlled load (if applicable)

  2. Your SENEC.Cloud usage credit being the volume of electricity you used from the SENEC.Cloud

  3. Your Feed-in Credits and the volume of exported electricity to the grid, this is assigned to SENEC and virtually stored in the SENEC.Cloud (subject to storage allowance)

  4. Your SENEC.Cloud Feed-in Credit charge which is transfer of your Feed-in Credit to SENEC

  5. Your SENEC.Cloud daily charge (if any), based on your SENEC.Cloud allowance

  6. Your quarterly SENEC.Cloud allowance, usage and balance

  7. Your Self Sufficiency as calculated by SENEC

  8. Any SENEC.Cloud set up or initialisation fee (if any), other ancillary or additional charges

As a participant of the SENEC.Cloud, we give you a Feed-In Tariff rate for your electricity export. Your Feed-In Tariff is aligned to our competitive market rate and then assigned to SENEC. 


Importantly, your Supply Address gets to use electricity first (before the grid), so if you use the electricity you’ll still be supporting the grid by contributing to an overall reduced grid demand.

We (like you) would like you to use most of the electricity from the system. To incentivise this, the SENEC.Cloud Usage shows the electricity (in kWh) you have consumed from your SENEC.Cloud. We highlight how much you have saved from consuming from your virtual storage by showing the cost you would have incurred if you had consumed the electricity from the grid.

We only offer the SENEC.Cloud to Supply Addresses with a Solar-PV system and SENEC.Home battery. These are tier one systems, installed by a tier one installer. Any warranties given by SENEC remain unaffected while using the SENEC.Cloud.

Every kWh saved to SENEC.Cloud that has not been drawn in the same quarter will be carried over to the following quarter and will increase your allowance.


Example: You have saved 500 kWh in first quarter but only used 400 kWh. The remaining 100 kWh will be carried over into the second quarter. Assuming you  save a further 500 kWh in the second quarter, your total withdraw allowance would be 600 kWh.

You can maximise value from this offer by shifting some of your electricity usage to when the solar system is operating.

Simple examples include: operating your pool pump, washing machine, air-conditioner, and/or dishwasher on sunny days to take advantage of the discounted electricity from the solar system.


For more practical ideas on how to get the most out of solar, you can also read our smart tips on our website.

A joining charge of $125 applies upon participation in the SENEC.Cloud. There are no exit fees if you choose to stop participating. If your network provider imposes a network charge or similar this will be added to your invoice. Please note installation of your Solar-PV System and SENEC.Home occurs prior to you being eligible for this offer.

The SENEC.Cloud product ends on the 31st December 2023, after which you will remain a Diamond Energy customer on our applicable competitive market offer. SENEC and Diamond Energy may elect to continue or change the product at this time and will provide at least 1 month notice to SENEC.Cloud customers.


Please note this offer is only available for a limited time. Diamond Energy reserves the right to amend and alter the offer and/or the closure date with one month notice. Refer to our Terms and Conditions supplied and available on our website for further details.

We only offer the SENEC.Cloud to Supply Addresses with a Solar-PV system and SENEC.Home battery. These are tier one systems, installed by a tier one installer. Any warranties given by SENEC remain unaffected while using the SENEC.Cloud.

The Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) approves the yearly distribution and transmission tariffs applicable for your house by your local network provider. Each year we will review the AER approved tariff and associated fees. Alas, Diamond Energy does not control poles and wires related costs.

You might be thinking more is better, however installations are limited by grid constraints and must be installed to Australian Standard AS 4722 (as amended), which currently limits inverter capacity to 5KW per phase.


The SENEC.Cloud has been designed to optimize your SENEC.Home solar system.

If you believe there may be a problem with the SENEC.Home system, during the term of your agreement, please contact your SENEC qualified installer.

Yes, you get the full benefit of the electricity generated by your Solar-PV-Battery System.  You get this benefit directly via generated electricity which you use, and indirectly via generated electricity which is stored in your battery and the SENEC.Cloud and then used when needed.

We would be sad to see you go! However, you can choose to leave us at any time.  You can end your agreement as per our terms and conditions. Your SENEC.Cloud usage will be calculated to the day based number of days in the billing period and your access to the SENEC.Cloud Base package and each SENEC.Cloud 125 Add-on package.

Your SENEC.Home will operate in self-consumption mode, meaning the battery will discharge just enough to cover your household consumption until your battery has fully discharged. At this point you will switch to consume from SENEC.Cloud.

The SENEC.Cloud Base Package represents the minimum allowance and cannot be modified.


SENEC.Cloud Add-on packages can be added or removed from your SENEC.Cloud tariff any time. Changes will take effect at the start of the quarter for changes requested within the first 30 days of that billing quarter. Changes requested later will come into effect at the start of the following billing quarter

SENEC.Cloud comes in different sizes:


SENEC.Cloud Base Package allows to save and withdraw a total of 500 kWh per quarter from your virtual energy account. This package is free of charge.


SENEC.Cloud 125 Add-on packages allow to save and withdraw another 125 kWh per quarter additional to the 500 kWh allowance from the base package. You can add up to four 125 Add-on packages to your SENEC.Cloud. Each 125 Add-on package will be charged with $0.17 per day.

The offer is available in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland (only within Energex distributor zone).

Feel free to contact us to discuss any queries you may have about this offer. Please contact:

Diamond Energy Pty Ltd 

101 Greville Street, Prahran VIC 3181

Telephone:   1300 838 009

Email:            customerservice@diamond-energy.com

Website:        www.diamondenergy.com.au


*Your electricity invoices will vary, and may if your usage exceeds your usage prior to your Solar-PV-Battery System be greater.
** “The Customer Benefits of High Reliability and High Power Quality” – Robert Barr University Wollongong 2005


You can view our standard Terms and Conditions and the SENEC.Cloud Terms and Conditions