Diamond Energy is Edge Electrons™ preferred partner to help deliver renewable energy and voltage control.


We have two zero upfront cost offers coming. One for the complete solar battery controller package and a controller only offer.


We are an electricity generator and retailer and we need to better understand more about you and your electricity use.


Once that’s done, we will approach you to ask if you want to move to a better renewable deal.


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The no upfront cost solar and battery combination

Solar on your roof and a battery system at no upfront cost

Flat monthly rate, all electricity usage included, up to a daily cap

Batteries provide back- up supply during black outs

Lightning protection for your home and appliances

Further information here

Improve the benefits of your existing solar

Reduce your electricity bills

Increase solar efficiency

Monitor your energy usage

Protect your appliances and inverter

Further information here

  • Upgrade older appliances – current fridges use about 40% less energy than a fridge from the early 90’s*
  • Remember to check and compare energy rating labels when buying new appliances. The more energy efficient, the more you could save. You can compare energy ratings of appliances at http://energyrating.gov.au/ or https://www.choice.com.au/
  • Buy appliances that are sized to your household needs rather than excessively oversized
  • Ensure appliances are not faulty – faulty appliances could be working harder than required
  • When using electric kettles only boil as much water as you need. Boiling excess water will unnecessarily increase your electricity bill.
  • 10% of your electricity could be powering gadgets on standby*, eg kettles, toasters, phones, computers and electric toothbrushes
  • We can’t always remember to switch things off at the wall! A standby power controller automatically switches appliances off when not in use. Use one of these for devices such as computers, televisions, sound systems and more!