Improve your solar benefits

Lease an EdgeIQ for a flat $$ per day

Reduce your electricity bills – appliances take in only the power they need to run reducing your consumption.

Increase your solar efficiency – by up to 15%, giving you more electricity* to sell back to the grid.

Smart and interactive – energy usage is monitored in real time.

Hassle free – no need to change your usage behavior.

Manages voltage lock out and protects your appliances – protection for appliances and inverters from damaging voltage spikes (up to 10,000 volts).

Since the installation [of Edge ElectronsTM EdgeIQ], our solar equipment has been 100% productive and we will save $468 every year.” Robert Bell, East Gippsland, VIC 4kW Solar System

Annual savings: $468

This three step process is designed to be quick, easy and comprehensive

“High grid voltages have a detrimental impact on PV system performance (Rodden et al., 2011). The [EIQ] regulates voltage to improve the operating conditions of the inverter. In addition to the public studies, Edge and Diamond have seen this in field trials in QLD.”

*15% is a combo of energy efficiency and solar efficiency (Voltage reg = 7-10% and solar efficiency is 5%). Solar efficiency increase is from [EIQ] improving the operating conditions for the inverter, which in unit trials we observed means of 5 and 8%.