Home Shield® Roll Out

We have two low upfront cost offers coming. One for the complete solar battery controller package and a controller only offer.
We are an electricity generator and retailer and we need to better understand more about you and your electricity use.
Once that’s done, we will approach you to ask if you want to move to a better renewable deal.
Please note, completing this survey does NOT commit you to signing up to Diamond Energy.
We support innovative renewable technologies throughout Australia including solar, wind, bio energy and wave. We also own and operate renewable generators – you can find out more about these projects here. We have no interest in coal generation, coal mining or alternative sources of gas (including coal seam gas).
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The low upfront cost solar and battery combination, comes with:

  • Solar on your roof and a battery system
  • Flat monthly rate with all electricity usage included, up to a daily cap
  • A back-up supply during black outs through the battery
  • Lightning protection for your home and appliances


Further information here.

Improve the benefits of your existing solar:

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Increase solar efficiency
  • Monitor your energy usage
  • Protect your appliances and inverter


Further information here.